Goodilicious Moments……….

Hi all, sorry for not posting for such a long time. I was previously occupied with a minor house renovation and after that was settled, I realised that I have put on quite a fair amount of weight…. duh…. so right now, I’m trying to get back on track. Will be posting my weight loss journey so do stay tuned.





BeautyPlus_20160208185623_saveOrdered through from a Greek shop called Herbana.
Love their hair loss protection shampoo that costs EUR6.50, unfortunately I didn’t realise that they have changed the scent to almond (which I hate) but it’s bearable for the sake of its effectiveness.
Trying out their anti-spot roll-on stick that costs EUR7. I must say that it is a very good product. It smells wonderful and gently heals my occasional acne issue without drying my skin out.


BeautyPlus_20160208190112_saveOrdered through at SGD10 each.
OPI Next Stop… The Bikini Zone
Essie Lady Like
Essie Flowerista
Essie Picked Perfect

BeautyPlus_20160330214721_savePlaced another order with Herbana ~
Firming face cream for mature skin EUR12
Face & Neck firming mask (purple clay) EUR14

Placed a couple of orders at ~
Doctor’s Best Vitamin C 1000mg USD14.03
Doctor’s Best CoQ10 with BioPerine USD10.75
Healthy Origins Sunflower E 400IU USD10.98
Now Foods Selenium 100mcg USD8.91
Madre Labs Sample Packets USD0.10

Yummy Earth Organic Lemon Drops USD2.55
Yummy Earth Sour Beans USD3.99
Now Foods Elderberry 500mg USD10.18
LadyBug Jane Luxe Lotion Lavender USD 22.49 (restocking for mom)
EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush USD5.59

Manuka Health Intensive BB Gel SGD22.62
Manuka Health ManukaClear Mask SGD23.76
*Both the Manuka Health’s products are my very 1st purchase. I didn’t even know about this brand till I accidentally stumbled upon it on The ingredients that they use are very simple; mainly manuka honey. It does a perfect job for extremely sensitive skin people like me, that is, not breaking my skin out. I prefer the clear mask as it is much more moisturising. Love it!!*
Now Foods Peppermint essential oil 30ml SGD6.90
Now Foods Rosemary essential oil 59ml SGD11.24
US Doctor’s Clinical Arthro-7 (trial price SGD2.82)
Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Natural Brightening toothpaste (trial price SGD1.41)

Ordered through
Bought this Gucci wallet so that I could match it with my tote. It costs SGD479.

Goodilicious Moments……….

BeautyPlus_20151106125049Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir EDP (tester)
Bought through for SGD54

BeautyPlus_20151123223924Bvlgari pour Femme EDP (Tester)
This perfume is very long-lasting hence have bought another one through for SGD54.

BeautyPlus_20151017144455Stock up ~ Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen (Lemon) + NaturBeauty (comes with a free JustUme Fiber Plum)
Bought through for SGD55.50

BeautyPlus_20151113182257_saveStock up ~ Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules (comes with a free JustUme Fiber Plum)
Bought through for SGD63.37

BeautyPlus_20151017144336By Terry Touche Veloutee #02 Cream (was given a free Strawberrynet brush set)
Bought through for SGD69.50

Botanical Goat Milk Facial Cleanser – Unscented
Bought through from HeartJCreations for USD12

Cucumber Hydrosol Floral Water
Bought through from wildroot for USD9

Hair loss protection & Anti-dandruff formula shampoo EUR6.50 and After Sun body gel EUR7. (I love the shampoo!! It gives a lot of volume to my hair and the scent is oh-so-refreshing!)
Bought through from Herbana

Goat Milk Bubbly Wash USD11.49~ Rosemary Mint.
(intending to use it as a shampoo)
Goat Milk Lotion USD12 ~ unscented (using it as a face moisturizer hence I have requested the seller to omit certain ingredients that I feel will clog my pores)
Was given a free Green Clay Goat Milk sample in Hippie Smoke scent. OMG! It smells wonderful!!
Bought through from HeartJCreations

Shea Moisture’s Baby Healing Lotion USD8.46
LadyBug Jane’s Luxe Lotion Luxury Face USD24.99 (as my face is very sensitive, I had an allergic reaction but it worked wonders on my mom’s face! Her pigmentation of over 30 years, lightened after using it for just a few days!)
Now Solution’s Certified Organic Jojoba Oil USD9.93
Sierra Bees’ Organic Lip Balm in Tamanu & Tea Tree USD1 (on sale!)
Bought through

Exclusive Pack – Nutricap Anti-Hair Loss Triple Action (bought it for my mom. She has been using it for about one week and she noticed that the product does help in hair loss. She sees less hair fall after shampooing.)
Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect (redeemed using points)
Dettol Bodywash (redeemed using points)
Goodal Cleansing Oil (free sample)
Bought through for SGD14.90 (Christmas sale)

Dragon Herbs’ Pearl Powder SGD43.82
Vitanica’s Slow Flow SGD25.62
Bought through

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Coin Multifunctional Phone Case
Bought through for SGD129 (a little gift for mommy dearest ^_^)

Gucci Nice GG Supreme Canvas Tote
Bought through for SGD959

Goodilicious Moments……….


Avalon’s Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules SGD89 & Japanese Fish Collagen (Lemon) SGD24.90. Ordered through Hi-Beau store.
Comes with a free JustUme and Fat Burner Plus sample.



*stock up* Each set of 3 boxes for SGD65.
Ordered through Hi-Beau store. Comes with a free JustUme sample for each order.


Bath & Body Works Pocketbac.
Ordered through for SGD3.80 each.


MCM Long Wallet in Cognac.
Ordered through for SGD303.
ps: Authentic MCM products can be bought at a much more reasonable price through Qoo10 as there are sellers from Korea whom are able to purchase directly from MCM since this brand is now owned by a Korean businesswoman. You will also be able to enjoy MCM’s 1 year worldwide warranty together with free express shipping.


MCM Visetos Reversible Shopper Tote in Cognac/Galaxy.
Ordered through for SGD856.


MCM Heritage Small Drawstring Bag in Cognac.
Ordered through for SGD849.
Doesn’t come with MCM’s 1 year worldwide warranty.

Goodilicious Moments……….


Bvlgari pour Femme EDP tester set.
Ordered through for SGD49 (after $5 item coupon)

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle EDP retail set.
Ordered through for SGD54.90 (after $5 item coupon)

Kinohimitsu ProWhite 60 days with 6 bottles of UV Bright free.
Ordered through for SGD84 (after $5 cart discount)

Avalon Fat Burner with 2 free sachets of ChocoMarvel.
Ordered through for SGD27.80 (after $20 cart coupon)

Crest 3D White Luxe toothpaste and Mouthwash (alcohol free).
Ordered through for SGD51.70.
Highly recommended brand for teeth whitening. My previous review on Crest:
Used to purchase it from Amazon but the shipping simply wasn’t justifiable hence I haven’t been using Crest for a couple of years. I am so glad to have found a seller on Qoo10 that sells Crest! The seller is an extremely friendly young lady whom have personally delivered the products to my house on the very day of ordering (we both lived in the east area). Should you be interested in the products, feel free to contact the seller (EMG15) directly as there’ll be some discount instead of buying through Her email is and her contact is 96569047

Still by Jennifer Lopez EDP retail set.
Ordered through for SGD23.30 (after $20 cart coupon)

Gucci Flora EDP tester set.
Ordered through for SGD45.90

Avalon was having a promotion for its Fat Burner at 3 boxes at SGD59.90

After purchasing my first set, Kinohimitsu had a promotion for ProWhite 60’s + 6 UV white free at It was selling at SGD65.90!!! OMG!!! Had to get it!

Goodilicious Moments……


Restocked my can’t-live-without item through ~ Avalon Fat Burner!!


Naturade’s Total Soy Meal Replacement in Chocolate flavour.
Bought through ~ SGD17.90


Restocked Avalon’s Naturbeauty through ~ SGD26.31 after $15 discount using a coupon code.


Bellabox Singapore 60% discount:
NaturVital Normal Hair Loss Shampoo ~ SGD23
NaturVital Sensitive Bath Shower Gel – Goji ~ SGD18
Happy Skincare Sample Pack (Normal/Dry/Sensitive) ~ SGD22.50
Happy Skincare Perfectly Happy Anti-ageing Cream (travel mini) ~ SGD7.50
LAQA & CO. Nail Polish Pen in Bells & Whistles ~ SGD19.50
Total cost after discount: SGD40.70


Taiwan made beauty products ordered through
Beely Eyelash Growth ~ SGD3.90
Eileen Grace Perfectly White Reveal ~ SGD19.80
Sexylook Blackhead Pore Cleanser set in Coffee ~ SGD9.90
came with a free gift – Eileen Grace’s Whitening Cleanser


Seche Vite Professional Kit ~ SGD37.30
Seche Restore ~ SGD9.80
Both bought through


Yuan’s Mulberry & Chrysanthemum Shampoo with free skincare samples ~ SGD24.27 (after 30%+5% discount promotion at